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About my Practice

My interest is to work with the 'whole' person, mind, body and spirit.
Through enhancing awareness, I support clients to empower themselves and
develop new ways of being.

I have experience working with people with addictions, low self esteem, sexuality, abuses, trauma, stress, loss, pain control, disabilities, cancer, ME, relationships, depression, sprituality, couple counselling, work related issues and advocacy.

I offer supervision to other counsellors, within which I can support their understanding of how to keep their own business records.

Here at Gracefield Therapy I am occasionally able to offer my clients 'intensive' therapy time with me, in the form of a 'two day retreat' - and provide Bed, Breakfast & evening meal services. Please contact me for further information.

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Gracefield Therapy Room

Why seek help?

Today's society demands a great deal from people. They are expected to juggle work and family / relationships as never before, whilst being more and more productive in their jobs.
A person can be seeking help with what seems a relatively trivial issue but perhaps behind what they present is a deeper concern, like a problem with a colleague, manager or partner.

People often say “you probably can’t help me but..” In fact there is nothing that a counsellor will not try and help their clients with, this does not mean that the counsellor has all the answers.
A huge part of the counsellors’ role is empowering people. When people explore what they really can or can’t do, they find it easier to cope, and feel more in control.

Harassment, bullying, even violence are increasing problems, in the home and work place. People often find it hard to admit to work, relationship or family stresses. They feel that by admitting to a problem they are jeopardising their chances of promotion and recognition. It is now accepted that people working under too much stress become vulnerable to illness, both mental and physical.



Please browse my site and read about therapies & services that I offer - including counselling, healing, flower essences, reflexology, hypnotherapy, spirituality and supervision. Should you require help or assistance please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Jenny Aspinwall

  Jenny Aspinwall

Jennifer Aspinwall MBACP accredited
Gracefield, Thornton Road, South Kelsey, Lincolnshire. LN7 6PS.
Telephone:- 01652 678225 or 07818 005707 FAX :- 01652 678169